Leste Oeste (2016)

The film East West is an approximation of "the eternal return" concept. "Are we always returning home?", "Is it possible to return home?" - those are some of the main questions the picture presents. The idea was to produce a genre film, of broad communication with the public, that would go deep into the car racing universe, and that would also bring up existentialist questions about its characters. From the language point of view, we would like a film with a semi-documental look - the deterioration of the objects, the stillness of the landscapes, a certain mark of time that imprints itself in the texture and in the colors of the picture: all those interested us - to imagine a past from what the present offers you. On the other hand, both in the soundtrack and in characters composition, we would like a film filled with a certain pop culture. Shot along 2 weeks in a Southern Brazilian medium size city (Londrina), the film crew was very small (15 people) and it had a cost of USD 40,000

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