12 Pound Balls (2016)
Emily Baardsson of Warroad, MN is a 5th grade teacher, and makes a weekly video blog about bowling. She was the former Roseau County Women's Champion, but with teaching 5th grade, and doing her vlog, she claims she just hasn't had time to compete for the last five years. Truthfully, it was her humiliating loss to her horrible-cousin, Gunnar Solberg, and the way in which he rubbed it in her face that has caused her to avoid competition. After that, Roseau County did away with the Open-Gender, Open-Age bracket, thanks to all of the negative publicity that it brought. This year, due to waning interest in the bowling competition, Roseau County has brought back the Open-Age, Open-Gender bracket. Emily refuses to compete, especially since she has been so diligently training her aunt, Donna Arundson, to take the championship. When Emily is challenged by Gunnar to jump into the competition, live on her vlog, she refuses, citing familial loyalty to Donna. Donna then pulls her back muscle in ...

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