Valobasha Emoni Hoy (2017)
The story starts off with two mercenaries, Mishu and Mahatab who receives a briefcase full of money for a job, murder, which they were supposed to do. But they decide to reform and start a new cleaner life and would use the money to kick start their new life. They enjoy their time with the money they had received and roam around London. At a point of their journey, they see a Bengali girl, Oishee with a British guy, Peter. Mishu falls for her immediately, and they decide to follow her. While following her, they realize that someone is already following them. Someone who turns up everywhere they were going asking for a lighter. They keep that in mind and follow Oishee to her house in the jungles. There they find the guy who had been following them, Sajjad and threatens him to find out why he was following them. They find out that Sajjad was hired by Oishee's father to get rid of Peter. Mishu, in order to see Oishee, peeks into Oishee's house but instead sees another girl, Mithila, and ..

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