All Inclusive (2017)
A trip to Croatia to celebrate Inger's 60th birthday. The whole thing sounded like a great idea until Inger caught her husband having an affair. When the plane takes off for Split the depressed Inger and her two daughters, much too sensible Malin (35) and chaotic Tove (32) are on board. Tove has to struggle to be included in Inger and Malin's circle, the sister's rivalry over their mother is so strong it quickly escalates into a competition of who can comfort Inger the best. Malin thinks massages and tranquil excursions are what Inger needs but Tove has a completely different method and pays the bartender Antonio (45) to take Inger out on a date: no sex, just one kiss. It all goes a little too well, Inger and Antonio actually like each other. For a moment the daughters think they have lost their mother to a charming casanova - which Tove in addition has slept with. But at the end Inger has not only regained her zest for life and her libido, the two sisters stop fighting over her ..

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